2019 keynote speakers

Steve Kenyon runs a custom grazing business in the Westlock area under the name of Greener Pastures Ranching Ltd. By using extended grazing techniques he is able to pasture cattle year round. This is done by using a combination of intensive cell grazing, dormant season grazing, swath grazing, crop residue grazing and bale grazing. Steve has become well respected in the agriculture community for his business management and innovative ideas.

Steve has been teaching sustainable grazing management for more than 10 years and has been a keynote speaker at many conferences and seminars throughout Canada and the U.S. He is a writer for the Stockman Grass Farmer magazine and also for the Canadian Cattleman Magazine. Steve has a very energetic personality, which compliments a very down to earth common sense approach to farm business management. Yet he is still just a producer and presents in a very honest and straightforward style. Steve has developed and instructs the “Year Round Grazing Systems” Agricultural Business Management Course. He is also an instructor for the Stockman Grass Farmer school “Take this farm and Love it.” along side Joel Salatin.

The Mission statement of Greener Pastures is “Economic Sustainability for Generations” It is important to provide an enjoyable, profitable and sustainable business for future generations. Steve believes that to be profitable in the long term, you must use regenerative agriculture practices. Greener Pastures is an environmentally sustainable ranch that improves the land. The focus is to maintain an effective water cycle, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle and mineral cycle. Our wildlife habitats and riparian areas need to be preserved. The health of our soils and our soil organisms needs to be understood and protected in order to ensure that our agricultural businesses remain profitable and sustainable.


Lesley is the head and heart behind the blog, High Heels & Canola Fields. She grew up on her family’s grain farm at Watrous, Saskatchewan where her and husband currently operate with her brother and dad. After gaining an education in marketing and accounting, went on to work in various marketing and branding positions in the ag sector, such as Cargill, ATB Financial, Farm Credit Canada and is currently the Brand Manager at WorkHorse Hub. Over the years, Lesley and her family have come to realize that a successful operation hinges on the general well-being of the farmer. They now make mental health a priority. Talking about it has become part of their day-to-day life and they openly discuss the challenges they face, both large and small. They don’t shy away from these topics, which takes the stigma out of them. Lesley has even addressed some in her blog and videos. Her goal is to help make the industry stronger and one way is to help break down the culture of “toughness” encouraged among farmers so that they, too, can talk openly about mental health.