About Bison


 Manitoba pioneers have had an instrumental role in helping the Bison repopulate the herds across Canada. Read a Manitoba perspective on the History of Bison by Jillian Overby. Jillian was the winner of an MBA essay contest and won a scholership towards her post-secondary education.
 Ever wonder how to handle Bison. Follow Rick Mercer as he attemps to handle and move Bison, Mercer style.
 Read a personal testamony on why Coralie Darsey-Malloy loves Bison Meat. Leaner meat, a green perspective and healther diet have directed her towards Bison meat.
  See how Bison meat compares to other cuts of meat.
   In 1991 the Manitoba government released 13 Wood Bison out in the Interlake region. No fences, no borders just set free. Here is an update on how these 13 Bison have made a remarkable comeback. Click here for map of Park.
   Here are some other links that have information about Bison.