Cooking Tips

How to cook Bison

Slow Cooking

Make sure that the bison meat is placed in 1-inch of liquid in bottom of slowcooker. Add bison meat first and put veggies on top, if desired. Cook on low heat for 8 hours for a 2.5 – 3 pound roast. (Overcooking in a slow-cooker is not an issue, as long as the meat is immersed in the liquid). Remove the meat from the slow cooker and wrap in foil. Because Bison meat is so tender, allowing the roast to stand about 10 minutes will allow you to slice the meat instead of shred it.


Set oven temperature to 250-275 degrees and use meat thermometer to check for doneness at 110-120 degrees. At this lower temperature, your roast should take the same amount of time as beef that is cooked at a higher temperature.


Move your rack a little further away from the heat source. Broil as with beef but shorten the cooking times. Turn the steaks a few minutes sooner and check for doneness.
Cook burgers at medium heat on the BBQ for 3 or 4 minutes before flipping (depending if frozen or thawed). After flipping, when the juices on the top start to turn from red to brown, they are done to about medium. (Using BBQ sauce will seal in the juices). Cover the meat with foil once removing from the BBQ to keep it moist. You do not want to overcook the patties or steaks, as they will become dry and tough.

Do not overcook!

Bison is a naturally lean meat. Because of it’s density, bison tends to cook faster than you may be used to and will likely continue to cook after it has been removed from a heat source.