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Featured Restaurant

Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen

1 Forks Market Road

Winnipeg MB (204) 942-5097

Saturday to Thursday 7 am to 6:30 pm

Friday 7 am to 9 pm

Daily during July and August

7 am to 9 pm

Summer Sundays close at 6:30 pm


While at The Forks, pop over to Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen, where Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company extends its vision of whole food and support for organic and local farmers, with an array of ready-to-bake whole foods.

Most of us live busy lives but would like to take a meal home for heating up that is equal to one which is genuinely home made. At Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen, our cooks are busy every day preparing such meals, just for you. In addition to our exciting recipes, we place a great deal of importance on selecting sourced ingredients wherever possible.

Many of our meals connect you to the prairie. For hundreds of years, the ideally adapted great plains bison was a key to the well-being of many generations. Today, this same lean and nutritious meat is available to you in exciting meals through our varied recipes. We are proud to provide you with this healthy connection to the natural prairie diet through the stewardship of the Manitoba bison producers.

The Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen bison meal choices vary from day-to-day. Among the choices are:

  • Bison Burger Patties – ready, delicious and organic
  • Bison Burgers with Kalyna (Cranberry) Glaze – a tart finish to tradition
  • Bison Chili – a well established favourite
  • Bison Lasagna – brought to us by a prairie gardener
  • Bison Shepherds┬╣ Pie – delicious meat flavoured with herbs and topped with a medley of vegetables and mashed potatoes

Simply choose a meal of your choice, take it home, bake it and your kitchen becomes your restaurant, and your family and friends your meal time guests.

To round out your meal, you may also choose from a selection of other main course dishes, and sides such as our range of salads or crackers, dips and spreads, piquant sauces, sweet preserves and syrup, pickles and even frozen baked goods.

We are very excited about pressing our own oil. Try our freshly pressed organic sunflower oil. It’s great on salads, and as a bread dip, as well as for sauteing and baking.

We have a good selection of gluten free products, as well as specialty groceries.

To find out more about Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen, and how it incorporates local organic bison meat into its selection of bake-at-home whole meals, turning your very own kitchen into your favourite restaurant, please visit us at

Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen is a division of Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company.