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Why We Love Bison

By Coralie Darsey-Malloy

As communicators of ideas on healthy, dynamic living my life and business partner David Malloy and I welcomed the opportunity to participate in the Manitoba Bison Association’s goals of making more people aware of the benefits of bison.

My career path in the health and wellness field developed after overcoming two eating disorders and a variety of health challenges. As I healed my own life I became increasingly more interested in whole person healing, nutrition and mind-body awareness. After the abuse my body sustained during the eating disorder phase of my life I decided to become a vegetarian. Instead of becoming stronger through time my body became weaker, more flaccid with less core energy.

It was during the mid eighties when a kindly Naturopath (Dr. George Kroeker) introduced me to bison meat and strongly suggested that I introduce it into my diet. In his view then...and mine now diets do not meet the nutritional requirements to remain strong, fit and lean over time. Dr. Kroeker became my mentor and through his tutorage I eventually came to accept that lean meats without steroids, hormones or animal residues provides complete sources of protein Enter bison meat.

As reluctant as I was to give up my belief system about eating ‘animal proteins’ the appeal of a strong, fit, lean body won out and I began to include bison in my diet and when it was available it has been part of our diet and will continue now that it is being widely available.

Whenever bison has been included in our diet David and I notice an increase in energy, increase in lean muscle mass and an improved sense of well being.

From a ‘green perspective’ we also appreciate that bison are a part of North American history and graze on land that other domestic animals cannot. They are acclimatized to our environment and do not require the same level of care as other livestock. We appreciate that their innate immune response is less affected by harsher climates in Northern regions. In discussions with ranchers in the Manitoba area antibiotics are only used for humane reasons when their bison need some veterinary assistance. With growing concerns about resistance to antibiotics in my view it is plus that consumption of lean bison meat does not come with an unsuspected dose of antibiotic residues.

David and I have worked with Aboriginal people at St. Theresa’s point and Assembly of Chiefs and have come to appreciate the historical connection to bison within their culture and spiritual beliefs. Our appreciation for these magnificent animals and their growing presence on North American planes is something to celebrate and hopefully with the joint cooperation of the ranchers in Manitoba, Canada and throughout different parts of North American the bison will never be pushed to the brink of extinction again.

From my perspective they provide healthy, lean meat for anyone interested in a more natural source of protein…within a more ecologically friendly imprint on the earth. Now you have just a few of the many reasons...we love bison!

Coralie and partner David Malloy operate a personal wellness clinic in Winnipeg Manitoba.
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